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About TranScience

Founding Director

Binayak Bagchi

Binayak Bagchi, is the Founding Director of TranScience, and is a Business Transformation & Change HR expert with 25 years in designing and leading People Strategies of organizations, during Strategic Shifts, Early Market Entries, M&A and Divestiture, across markets of APAC - Australia, Southeast Asia, Singapore, India, Japan, China, S Korea, with sustainable results over years.

Binayak has various Leadership experiences at Global and Regional level and has worked across multiple international locations like US, Singapore, Australia, India, and a few other, for companies like Medtronic, Avanos Medical, UnitedHealth Group, and AON Hewitt. He is an experienced Executive Coach.

Binayak has a Master’s Degree in Business Change Consulting from INSEAD and is a Doctoral researcher in Management.

He is based out of Sydney, Australia.

Advisory Board

Jamie Stanistreet

Mentor & Advisor - Strategy

Jamie brings over four decades of experience in the healthcare industry and was the longest serving (17+ years) Managing Director of Medtronic ANZ, in which period it touched 1 billion AUD annual turnover. Jamie has been advising the formation of Transcience and its business offerings, and acts as a Mentor to the team.

Aijaz Shaikh

Advisor - Market Access

Aijaz is a Senior Business Executive and an exceptional Marketing Leader with ability to accelerate Innovation & Business Growth. He has lead several Global and Regional Product transformation initiatives at various companies including Medtronic and Avanos Medical and has deep and broad expertise in ANZ, APAC and Global markets.

Gilda Quintero

Advisor - Communications

Gilda is a young and dynamic digital strategy, marketing creative and communications expert, with experiences in Startups, Not for Profit and Early Tech organizations. Gilda has been closely involved in shaping the thinking, design and content of TranScience in the above areas.

Vivek Setia

Advisor - Technology & Data Science

Vivek has several decades of IT/ITeS leadership experience at companies like Xerox, AON Hewitt, Ericsson and NIIT. Vivek has proven track record in driving sustainable business growth by leveraging technology & business services to serve Fortune 500 as well as Startups. Vivek advises TranScience on the HR Tech solutions for clients.

Swarup Mukherjee

Managing Partner, India Talent Operations

Swarup is an executive search expert with three decades of experience in Healthcare and Technology hiring, and has helped several large and small companies hire critical business talent in Indian Subcontinent. You can reach him at swarup@transcienceworks.com

Our Offerings

Organization Transformation
Bring out the full potential of your organization through strategic evolution and cultural innovation
Workforce Design
Build high-performing teams that drive success, tailored to your business objectives
Change Management
Navigate transitions with confidence, empowering your organization to embrace change for lasting growth.
Talent Solutions
Attract, nurture, and retain top talent to fuel your organization's success in a competitive landscape.

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